Friday, January 30, 2004

Another new Lounge of Pleasure tonight -- me this week -- tracklisting up soon at the NEW! Lounge of Pleasure site!

Sorry - still no exciting posts and I just had to delete the execrable post on Anticon et al, just because rereading it made me cringe.

Picked up the new MUTE magazine today 'cos Asim and Fabian et al (see the 'Evol Psychogeographix' link over there -------> )
have got an article published on 'The Freemasons of The Future' -- sounds promising.

Anyway - still nothing 'proper' to post yet - sorry - I'll have more time next week, and have good things planned!!

Oh -- and a notice, if anyone's looking : E-DA from THE BOREDOMS is gonna be playing at Kosmische next Saturday (7th Feb) Upstairs at the stinky Garage.

Friday, January 23, 2004

Going to go and see The Magic Band tonight!! Thanks Glenn.

BTW -- the Lounge Of Pleasure goes out tonight at midnight as ever -- my erstwhile partner Magz's show this week -- I'll put the tracklisting up tomorrow. Features this awesome Sean Paul track (courtesy of Gabba-Pod), some germanic glitch music, some really freaked out Japanese exotica/glitch influenced hip-hop weirdness, as well as some (ahem) eski beat too - how very au courant )

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Oh -- and this is happening tomorrow night too -- will be there for sure:

Kaffe Matthews (UK), agf (Berlin), Bit-Tonic and Ryoko Kuwajima.

the Spitz, 109 Commercial Street. London E1, this Wednesday 21st January. Starts at 8pm - £6 / £5...

I know this is a while away, but this is happening on the 31st:

Guinea Pig presents

A Womb With a View
A Night of sonambulant tones & drones

Featuring Live performances from:
* The Sons of Silence
* Arkkon
* The Stella Maris Drone Orchestra
* Morgan & Knight

Followed by music for dancing courtesy Kosmische & Resonance FM DJs

10pm onwards
14 Andre St, off Amhurst Rd, Hackney

Friday, January 16, 2004

the lounge of pleasure 'rainbow drone musick' (16th jan - repeated tuesday 20th 11am)

astro - inamura beach (bananafish/tedium house)
deep listening band - balloon payment (new albion)
sonic catering band - the oven is the night thereof (peripheral conserve)
nurse with wound - swansong (united dairies) ("a vocal piece which was spewed out after watching a documentary on the american a-bomb test off the bikini islands which left me sad, helpless and fucking angry - an ocean of death.")
nomex - paris catacombs recording (adverse)
deep listening band - phantom (new albion)
michael prime - osculation (raft)
tamaru - water margin (ash international) kymatic - trawler leaving harbour (paradigm discs)
- crickets in the wind
alejandro and aeron - washing up, e 21st street, nyc (lucky kitchen)

oh my gosh! and a link from eden too -- looking at uncarved also reminded me about the ambush records / bong ra / hedfuk soundsystem special on resonance tomorrow night too --- gonna be absolutely wicked.

btw -- the lounge of pleasure is on resonance tonight from midnight to 1am --- hardcore drone musick all the way this week i'm afraid.

just off to the international conference of esemplastic zappology that ben watson's putting on -- i've missed most of it already, but might catch the last 2 hours -- if there's anything to report, i'll post (although if there's anything that's gonna guarantee no-one's gonna come back here it's opening up with an extended post about zappa...)

wow - woebot's gonna link me -- thanks matt - i'm on the ladder already and i've barely even posted anything yet!! honestly, there'll be some shit hot incisive cultural critique up here soon i swear.

btw -- awesome new post at woebot on 'stuff-that-sounds-like-sun-ra-but-isn't' - exhaustively researched, beautiful scans to droool over, wonderful as ever... checkit!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

tracklisting for last week's LOUNGE OF PLEASURE (9th January):

utabi - lightpotlution (adaadat)
curd duca - touch (mille plateaux)
theme from the sullivans (silva screen)
unknown chinese artist - ?? (life records)
stock hausen and walkman - boats (hot air)
lil jon and the east side boyz - get low (instrumental) (tvt)
violent onsen geisha - early tapes (extract) (my fiance's lifework productions)
riow arai - stoic (soup disk)
kobayashi kensuke - your love all of a sudden (vaseline)
venetian snares - a track from the lp chocolate wheelchair (planet mu)
wha-ha-ha - inanaki (recommended records)
ibiza - warning (ibiza records)
ninjaman and lewi-cifer - murder dem (street tuff)
bizzy b - ?? (brain)
the scientist - ankoko (ariwa)
ommm - untitled (cdr)
appenzeller 'zauerli' - em walter sis (disques cellier series)
phill niblock - a trumbone piece (india navigation)
angus maclise - trance (bootleg)
gina v d'orio - bottle heart ahoi (featuring larry wessel) (dual plover)
opus - live is life (carrere)
pita - get out (mego)
town yodler of schaffhausen - alphornruef mit alpenhorn-einleitung (polydor)
people like us - dead radio (staalplaat)
dumb type - passport control (dorobo)
hidenori yagi - untitled (white label)
pluramon - time carthesia (karaoke kalk)
gen ken montgomery - radiator I (xi)
simon wickham smith and richard youngs - metallic sonata 5 (vhf records)
lemon kittens - evidence (united dairies)
utabi - set her eyes xochipili (adaadat)
unknown hong kong electro-pop artist - 'super remix volume 2' (hollywood music productions hong kong)
heino - sayonara (emi)

hiya -- no self analytical spiel about why i'm doing this blog, what i hope to achieve, all that - mainly cos i'm really not sure, beyond the desire to bore a wider network of people with my current musical obsessions, fixations, witless musing, etc. -- also i needed somewhere to put up the tracklistings for 'the lounge of pleasure' programme since our website was set up with javascript to look all slick and lovely and i haven't got a bleeding clue how to do anything to update it (ho hum) so this is a lot easier. anyway -- please come back sometime -- i promise you it'll get better.

Wowee - I've joined the blogging massive - maybe one day Reynolds will put me on his links sidebar... (xsighx)

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