Tuesday, October 18, 2005


next kosmische club night is on the 29TH OCTOBER at the old blue last, 39 great eastern street, ec2. starting 8pm, until chucking out time.

kosmische musik, krautrock, ndw, minimal electronic pop, sun ra, can, boredoms, daf, der plan, german art students shouting urgently and incomprehensibly over badly recorded casiotone rhythms, stuff like that.

come along, it's free.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

apologies apologies as ever more apologies for those hoping that for a copy of that jessica rylan session. basically, the resonance archive is lost and corrupted for that whole week, so unless someone out there happened to be taping it, it's lost in the ether forever never to be retained for posterity except as a glowing memory crystallised in the skulls of those lucky enough to have heard the fleeting transmission at the time of broadcast.

so, sorry about that.

hugh metcalfe is our guest next week, in the guise of FUCK OFF BATMAN, improvising, making noises, wearing a gas mask and hopefully discussing 25+ years of the klinker. it's historification time. will ben watson be listening intently enough to feel compelled to present another in depth 60 minute critique in his next show?? well, let's wait and see...

"Why does the warm waft of fresh bread from the Tesco bakery seem so preferable to armed insurrection?"

there's another drones club gig up in stoke newington (ie. about as far away as is possible to get from greenwich while still remaining in the same city) this saturday.

s/t release their music on the klangbad label and are tight with faust, man and they're over here from germany, ectogram: kind of a welsh psychedelic noise 3 piece are playing, burning idiot noise are from brighton and synth+sitar duo RAAGNAGROK! will perform beautiful music to appease the gods. I'm going to play some records to fill in the proceedings, alongside your host Tango Mango.

this all takes place at THE OTHERS, at 6-8 manor road, n16, above a snooker hall, apparently. i think it'll be fun. i hope so, cos it's a long way back on that nightbus...


also the next KOSMISCHE is due to take place back at the Old Blue Last again on the 29th. lots of djs. wild and crazy sounds from the 4th dimension, and all that twaddle.

www.kosmische.org for the temporarily 'downsized' website

martin is completely fucking nuts.

just to pre-empt matt w's incipient ndw primer in the beard-stroker's favourite monthly read, here's another list of records i can wholeheartedly recommend of a scary and german persuasion. i'll add some actual descriptive content when i'm feeling more articulate. at the moment i can barely string a sentence together. hopefully it's paul morley inflicted autism more than nick hornby syndrome (christ, no...)

die radierer - angriff aufs schlaraffenland (greatest flexipop synthpop pogoalong ever)

p1/e - dependence (alexander hacke + friends super deadpan oblique love song)

abwarts - computerstaat (angry)

schon - pure design

saal 2 - angst vor'm tanzen (both 7"s on zickzack)

malaria! - geld (shouty brechtian minimal synth-goth. damn this record is sexy. also the video for this is worth buying that berlin super 80 dvd/cd/book set for alone.)*

die todliche doris - sudwestwind: sound of bells (this record is actually the soundtrack to a lost film by werner herzog recording the drummer from the shaggs marooned in a desert, narrated by some berlin art students)

die egozentrischen zwei - the germans (felix kubin and friend pubescent angst-synth-pop abstraction)

kassetentaeter sampler 1&2 - super esoteric cassette only synth-punk / experimental dirge scrapings compiled and released in editions of 200 copies. get them off soulseek cos the last one went for £70 on ebay.

kosmonautentraum - juri gagarin

exkurs - natur (especially the bit at the end where it sounds like it's going to cut into some kind of a synth-punk cum digital ragga hybrid. weird)

duotronic synterror - zerstoer die welt

more pointless lists to follow.

by the way, lots of auctions on ebay at the moment, bargain hunters:


* but don't buy it from boomkat.com because they will SERIOUSLY rip you off - go to www.vinyl-on-demand.com instead.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

this week's most exciting listening pleasures have included:

the sublime live set from the maringa band on you are hear this week.

michael heinkel - samstag ist nur einmal in der woche (from 'new wave complex #9' download compilation)

ommm - dub tape special

basil kirchin - abstractions of the industrial north

limescale cdr (thf drenching, sonic pleasure, derek bailey)

aneka - japanese boy (do not underestimate the power of this record)

d double e - that track which is ripped off from landscape or something (from the statik ep)

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Oi! Jimmy!

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