Thursday, August 18, 2005

Jean Charles' family has organised a protest at Downing Street this coming Monday, 22 August, at 6.30pm.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005




and they give guns to these boneheads?


this doesn't sound so much like a 'terrible split second decision' as premeditated murder in cold blood.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

As recommended by the Daily Telegraph, would you believe it,


is this Thursday night

and it's actually worth going to the ICA for.

KOSMISCHE matters:

last tuesday (9th August) playlist (the site database is fucked right now, so here it is)

I played:

Cluster - Dem Wanderer (from 'Soweisoso' Sky Records)
Andreas Dorau - Club Sonnenbankwende (Schlammpeitziger's Everything Without All Inclusive Remix) (from 'Sonig Irregular #1' Sonig)
CoH - For Whom the Dell Falls (from 'Iron' Wavetrap)
The Man From Uranus - Tape Rewind (6 track 7", Strange Lights)
Brezel Goring + Felix Kubin - Loved But Fired Butt (Surprise Records)
FSK - Ostblock Girl (from 'Sturmer' Zick-Zack)
Evil Moisture - Gak (excerpt) (LP)
The Homosexuals - Mitsu at the Controls (from 'Astral Glamour' 3CD, Messthetics)
Augsburger Tafelconfect - Ferfahrer Uberaschungstute (from 'Ultra Eczma' CD)
Henry Cow - Beginning: The Long March (from 'In Praise of Learning' ReR Megacorp)
Unit - Rocket # 9 (CDR)
Hematic Sunsets - Orientierung (from 'Zu Gast Im Aroma Club' Klang der Festung)
Antifamily - Law of the Plainsmen (from v/a 'Game & Errancy' Difficult Fun)
Crawling Chaos - Left Hand Path (from 'The Gas Chair' LTM)
Din A Testbild - No Repeat (from v/a 'Berlin Super 80' MonitorPop)
Malaria! - Geld (from v/a 'Berlin Super 80' MonitorPop)
Reifenstahl - Der Westenfuchs (from 'Die Wunderwaffe' Ink Records)
Yvan + Lendl - Tanz Mit Draculina (from v/a 'Stora Compilation' nNeon)
Jean Bach - Einen Traum Fur Deise Welt (from 'Einen Traum fur Deise Welt' LP
Unit - One Life (CDR)
This Heat - Testcard (Cold Storage, 1980)
This Heat - SPQR (Cold Storage, 1980)
Andreas Dorau - Sommer In Dornrosental (from v/a 'Lieber Zuviel Als Zuwenig, Sommerhits' Zick Zack)
Raymond Scott - various tracks from a flexidisc
Gareth Williams + Marie Goyette - Restless Mind (from 'Flaming Tunes' cassette)
Alejandro + Underwood - The Tale of Pip (from 'Goodiebag 11t' v/vm test recordings)
Richard Youngs - Fountain of Light (from 'River Through Howling Sky' Jagjaguwar)


You might be interested that the Kosmische DJ massive will be playing an assortment of records to some Vice-magazine reading cunts at THE OLD BLUE LAST in Shoreditch on the 27th August.

“Normally we would storm a house killing everyone inside, whereas here we have to storm the house and keep everyone alive,” said one commander. “It’s not an easy job.”

Monday, August 15, 2005

Richard Littlejohn: I'm Pissing Into Your Mouth

What is the world coming to, when honest, upstanding citizens like you are just sitting there, while I piss into your mouths? How the hell can we call ourselves a civilised nation of hat-doffing gentlemen, when I'm stood here, with my fat dick out, pissing into your stupid fucking mouth?

Is this the kind of world you want for your children? Perhaps you want me to fire arcs of piss over their heads, making a fucking rainbow over them, with a pot of golden piss in your fucking mouth at the end of it. Is this what you want for our country and your children? Book me a ticket to Umpopoland, because I want no part of it.

I have now unloaded over four thousand gallons of piss into your mouth, and I show no signs of stopping.

This isn't a metaphor; save those for the Guardianistas and chattering cunts in the so-called Tate Modern. I am literally standing on the table, in front of you, right now. And I am pissing cloudy yellow piss directly into your big fucking mouth.

And it simply isn't on. We are going to hell in a handcart.


September 24th (also my birthday)

national demo: end the occupation, stop shoot to kill, defend civil liberties:


Resonance FM, 15.30, Thursdays:

London Revisited
John Nicholson

Alternative urban tour guide, satirist and esoteric historian John Nicholson starts a new weekly series exploring the hidden histories of the capital: its cult leaders, sewers, prisons, insurgents, riots,psychogeographic anomalies, secret meanings, signature sounds and just plain old curiosities.

last week's show, put together by Jim Clarke, was excellent: thoroughly researched, insightful exploration of hidden London wildernesses. Excellent music too.

Please post more on your blog soon!!


wicked session.

new YOU ARE HEAR gig coming up at cargo on September 15

more information soon

filth shoot unarmed man, lie to the press, then destroy the evidence.

"He wasn't wearing a heavy jacket. He used his card to get into the station. He didn't vault the barrier. And now police say there are no CCTV pictures to reveal the truth. So why did plainclothes officers shoot young Jean Charles de Menezes seven times in the head, thinking he posed a terror threat?"


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