Monday, May 08, 2006

i've got a new tune on my myspace page. i've called it (provisionally) 'yehyeh electronique' and it was inspired by listening to mathematiques modernes' impossibly catchy 'disco rough' and the plastic bertrand album. the link is a couple of posts down there.

oh no! my ongoing lack of postings has led martin b.t.i. to cull me from his links-bar. how long before others follow suit?? has to be said, martin's last post ('bank holiday bloodbath') had me literally crying in hysterics. sorry martin. if you have me back i'll promise to be a better blogger in future, write big essays on dubstep and alain badiou, that sort of thing.

excited to see that blissblogger has been digging my music. not only the honour of getting bigged up by reynolds, but listed alongside the likes of tod dockstader, matmos...

resonance fm reception has gone right down the toilet around se london, mostly due to a new super-fucking-loud pirate station. can barely hear the super-quiet dictaphone-recorded drum-circle scrape 'n' drone workshops and ranting deptford pensioners for ultra-compressed b-line garridge and shouting.

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