Friday, October 27, 2006

martin bti's spot-on writeup of last weekend's deptford oldskool reggae mc extravaganza and last night's gig at catch 22


and my cd is now on sale via warpmart, although if you're looking here at all i've probably given you a copy already:


Monday, October 23, 2006

XYLITOL gig on thursday, JESSICA RYLAN on wednesday

well, it's been a lengthy break, but in case anyone is still sporadically browsing here, i've got another live XYLITOL gig this thursday. hopefully it'll be less of a fucking shambles than last time. it's at catch 22, on kingsland road, alongside le couteau jaune, agaskado teliverek and some other people. i don't have the faintest idea what time, how much it costs or anything, which maybe doesn't bode well, but I at least aim to have my act together live-wise (well, kind of)

you should go to the macbeth (it's a funny little boozer out on the further reaches of hoxton street) on wednesday night too, cos jessica rylan is in town and she's gonna blow your tiny mind. her 10 minute stint with chris corsano last night at the spitz was a riot of barbed electronics, haunted vocal sonics and percussion, rylan poised beside her homemade synth-patchbay-thingy like a bird-of-prey-stalking-out-a-poor-defenceless-fieldmouse; corsano beside a battery of drums, microphone halfway down his gullett, gurgling and mewing hypnotically. amazing. i was gawping at the front, my head jammed into the speaker cabinet soiling myself in catatonic reverie. go and see her on wednesday!!

currently listening to the deliriously catchy 'come on closer' by the pineapples - perhaps the greatest italo-disco track ever (after 'cybernetic love' by casco). as with all italo disco, it's all about the full vocal version, not the dub, you prissy kompakt records-listening wusses.

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