Wednesday, January 26, 2005


I'm going to be DJing this Sunday at The Spitz, filling in the gaps for the MORR MUSIC plinky plonk tronica MASSIF, with B.Fleishmann and the rather splendid ISAN.

(that's the 30th Jan, the Spitz is next to Spitalfields market, and since it's on a Sunday you can stock up on overpriced craft-fair tat and organic vegetables before the gig. )

also have a GIG going on at CARGO on behalf of Resonance FM, with CURSOR MINER, OMMM and DISINFORMATION vs STRANGE ATTRACTOR, with some fantastic DJs including TETINE (playing Rio-Booty-Electro-Funk), JONNY TRUNK (playing obscure soundtracks that you can't afford, peasant), MR PSYCHE (Paul Thomas from the BBC), MAGZ and myself. Lightning Rod is going to bring scaffolding and projectors (strictly analogue) and turn it into a psychedelic freak pad. Apparently Cargo are going to lower their normally extravagant bar prices for the impoverished resonance fm hordes. Oh - it's on the 17th of Feb, which is a Thursday night. (all the info is at www.youarehear.co.uk )

then on Friday i'm djing somewhere in Sheffield at a night called C90, but I don't know much about it yet.

then on MARCH 5th, KOSMISCHE RETURNS to a secret venue in the vicinity of Stoke Newington (bah!) lineup TBA...

lots of other events coming up too...

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