Thursday, June 09, 2005

Review of Mark Stewart + The Maffia and Acid Mothers Temple in Bristol:


You can hear a recording of the gig on You Are Hear, this Monday at 8.30 - 10pm on Resonance, while me and Magz jet off to Barcelona for Sonar so we can record more stuff for our eager listeners, selfless souls that we are. Highlights this year, tentatively, look like being Goodiepal, Soft Pink Truth, F.S.Blumm and Virus Syndicate, but it's obviously too early to say, and the highlight will probably be something completely unexpected.

No Harry Hosono / YMO / Sketch Show action this year, although Towa Tei is playing which might be interesting.


Excellent post here from K-Punk on the death-drive of Kapital and bipolar disorder:



Have just put together a compilation of NDW, euro post-punk + synth pop. Drop me an email if you want a copy:

jim [at] lumin.org

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