Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Yet MORE computer hell. Looks like I'm going to be computerless for a while. Again.

That means no more posts, although hopefully there won't be another 4 month hiatus.

See you soon.

Monday, September 20, 2004

Rediscovered the joys of the Boot Fair at the weekend out in Kent. Biggest Boot Fair I've ever seen. Hertfordshire fairs are lightweight. This one seemed to stretch out in all directions across the horizon, like Glastonbury festival only with better stalls and only a quid to get in. Didn't get to see even a quarter of it in the little time we had there (can't do early mornings...) Magz bought a toothbrush and a sack of out-of-date Wheat Crunchies. I bought a 1994 vintage Renaissance Sasha n Digweed 3 CD mix boxset, out of a misplaced sense of nostalgia (only 50p). The misty eyed reverie slowly gave way to nausea as M-People seamlessly segued into the mix.

it's up on ebay.


although i feel worryingly reluctant to part with this prog house monstrosity...


Miss Hawaii (now Mrs Hawaii) did us proud in spite of some nagging laptop glitches (now I know why most of the jetset laptop-erati use macs). Highlight for me was the the Miss Hawaii / cow duet apparently recorded live in Bavaria.

Can't really be the judge of the Magz' documentary, especially since I've heard it about 100 times now, so obviously feedback's appreciated from anyone who heard it (to magz@resonancefm.com or in the comments boxes here and I'll pass it on). It's been getting on for six months since that was put together and I know how quick time moves on in blogging circles (no more Luka, no more Marcello (for now..?), Woebot retired, in txt only purgatory, and back again in full technicolor glory, Hallelujah!)

There's another Resonance fundraiser this Friday (WWW.RESONANCEFM.COM) at the Conway Hall as ever. Must confess I spent most of the last one in the pub 'round the corner cos the queue for the 'Real Ale Bar' was about 2 hours long for the best part of the evening. Hopefully that at least might have improved for this one. Tetine, who do the Slum Dunk show are going to be doing their Funk-Carioca / Favela-Electro DJ thing which should be unmissable going by their last gig. Also, as a first for the LMC, Keith Rowe is not scheduled to perform at any time in the precedings.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Turns out Mira Calix won't be coming in on Monday, but hopefully MISS HAWAII from 19-t will come in instead for a live set. His track 'Pyramid' (only available on the 19-t compilation 'APA') is stunning: 8 minutes of psychedelic playstation techno in 2/3 waltz time.

Anyway - check it out.

Also if there's any events, gigs, exhibitions etc. going on in the near future gimme an email and I'll mention them in the listings on the show

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Was an excellent interview with Rod Dickinson (or Ron Dickinson as it sez in the Guardian - wasn't he a character off Brookside?) He was talking about the Waco seige - the Psy-Ops strategies used by the FBI, and how all the media coverage was manipulated as part of their (doomed) strategy, the siege itself intended to be a stage-managed PR showcase to encourage further funding of the ATF wing of the FBI from Federal Govt.

One of the main 'strategies' apparently was to bombard the compound with 100+DB of psychologically traumatic noises for 24 hours a day, including phones left off-the-hook, rabbits screaming, Nancy Sinatra slowed down to 16rpm (!), etc. I would LOVE to know the methodology and rationale (if any) which went into deciding what sounds would prove suitably horrific. I can almost imagine some kind of malevolent redneck Radiophonic Workshop tinkering away in the studio, rubbing their hands together with glee at their Nancy Sinatra / rabbit torture mashup, scientifically primed for maximum distress.

Anyway, apparently members of the compound started sonically retalliating with their own music in a kind of hyper-intense desert soundclash. Anyway you all know how it culminated, but I reckon it'll be worth checking out Dickinson's sonic reconstruction at a 'mystery location outside London' this Thursday.

Coaches go from outside the CIA at 7pm...


Monday, September 13, 2004

Almost synchronious with the timely return of the mighty WOEBOT from text only purgatory, Magz Hall's blog-u-mentary 'Where my blogz at?' is finally receiving its airing on Resonance FM next Monday (20th September). Featuring wit and wisdom str8 from the mouths of messrs Matt Woebot, Simon Reynolds, Luka Heronbone, Geeta Dayal and K-Punk!

It's on from 8.30 - 10pm, along with a live set from Mira Calix (with or without insectoid accompaniment).

It's listed in Time Out, too, so it must be a 'significant cultural event'. Only they listed it this week instead of next (grrrr!)

Ah well -- this week Cursor Miner is coming in and playing some tunes, and Rod Dickinson is going to talk about his studies of the Psychological Terror Operations undertaken during the Waco siege. He's a really interesting guy actually -- exploring belief systems, mind control, historification, etc. through re-enactments. Much more interesting than Jeremy Fucking Dellar anyway.

There's a really good interview between him and Tom McCarthy online somewhere -- I'll post the link as soon as I can find it.

More posts to come soon, I promise.

Thanks Matt for the beard pic. You must know of my prediliction for long drawn out ddrrrrooonnnneeesssssssss

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