Thursday, September 29, 2005

this week's listening pleasures have included:

hybrid kids - a collection of classic mutants
pork dukes - bend and flush / throbbing gristle
sandii and the sunsetz - dreams of immigrants
cob - spirit of love
esplendor geometrico - anthology
hanatarash - we are hardcore! 6xcdr anthology
nocturnal emissions - sunspot activity
ceramic hobs - shergar is home safe and well
kpm library lp 'handplayed by robots' (almost all of this library lp from 1980 is motivational training video muzak, except for 2 ultra wigged out electro-pop-noise tracks which sound way more scary and ass-shakingly futurist than any of the analord series)
the human league - the dignity of labour
emil beaulieu - america's greatest living noise artist
vanishing breed - still unreleased cdr
culturcide - we aren't the world
jeff wayne - war of the worlds 2xlp
heldon - interface
yellow magic orchestra - naughty boys + service
chris mcgregor's brotherhood of breath - 1st
neu! - neu 75
wiley - eskimo / blizzard / igloo / colder / firefly
felix kubin - syndikat fur gegenlarm (radio broadcast)
v/a - monstreux et magnifique (invasion planete)
magma - mechanik destruktiw kommandoh
inoyama land - danzindan pojidon (harry hosono produced pastoral electronic bliss music from the early 80s which falls just on the right side of new age. i bet this album is a damn sight better than the new boards of canada, not that i intend to find out having trudged through the interminably trite interview with them in this month's wire)
v/a - nice tracks (strange italian lp. martin at beyondtheimplode r.i.p. (www.heydalek.blogspot.com/) wrote something about this album a few months back too.) the xx century zorro album is great too, as is the 'grand complotto pordenone' compilation featuring both tampax and hitler ss. mve is the best shop in the world!

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

on the 24th september apparently there's going to be a big demo about something or other

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