Sunday, February 26, 2006

as a slavish minion to the faddish demands of the conjoined entertainment/data-gathering industries, i have set up a myspace page. currently it consists of four low bitrate mp3s of my tracks and a substantial list of other myspace-bods i've 'networked'. if that sounds exciting to you then you can visit my page at www.myspace.com/pierogii.

celebrity blog legend WOEBOT is going to be djing alongside the dashing SACHA DIEU, playing groovy NDW records you can't afford at the forthcoming KOSMISCHE club at the Old Blue Last on March 12th. it's on a sunday this month. i'll post a flyer up as soon as i've paintboxed one together (don't laugh, just cos i can't afford photoshop and i wouldn't even dream of using b**tlegged software)
btw, there's another kosmische club on march 4th, too:

so why not get there early for sunroof!, check out hush arbors, go to the pub for last orders and then come back for the disco??

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

i'm going to be playing some records tomorrow night (wednesday 8th feb):

track and field present:

doloroso + lions and tigers

+ dj jim backhaus (kosmische) + the springtime disaster

hoxton square bar & kitchen £5 8pm - 1am

then on the 14th feb:

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