Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Done it! New playlists are over on the Lounge of Pleasure site over yonder ----------->

Nice to see Matt Woebot's been enjoying my compilation CD! Matt burnt me a wonderful selection of stuff too, but frustratingly included a indecipherably cryptic tracklisting -- There's loads of great stuff, including a lush track by Roland Kirk on there, I think, which sounds like Erik Satie transcribed to wind-up musical boxes accompanied by undulating waves of skronk...

Also received from Woebot his Gansta Techno (tm) mixx, which is pretty shit-hot -- plenty of old-school 'tribal' type house stuff on there (inc Van Helden's absolutely wicked 'The Witchdoctor' track) which I'd almost completely written off when I sold all my Strictly Rhythm 12"s to the Record and Tape exchange. Hadn't really missed 'em until I heard this - grrr. Some nice Garridge stuff near the end too.

Obviously I always welcome compilation CDs, mixtapes, etc. from other people too!!

Oh - because my computer at home is completely knackered there's been no playlist updates on the Lounge of Pleasure site for a couple of weeks -- I'll get it sorted in a few days...

Monday, February 02, 2004

last friday's playlist is now over at the lounge of pleasure page

And E-DA's new outfit The Thin Man will be performing on tuesday's Kosmische programme too on Resonance (10.00 - 11.30pm)

The Womb With A View party on Saturday was good - even worth the lengthy excursion to Hackney, in fact. Extremely tripped out visual overload from Roderick (who also did visuals at the last couple of LMC parties, including our Lounge of Pleasure do at Cargo) and lots of monochord drrrrooonnnnnnnnnnne - ing.

In fact it was all pretty wonderful until I started DJing (the nadir was probably my feeble attempt to mix 'I Feel Love' with 'Eskimo') -- mercifully Justin (from the pop group Now) came along and rescued me from further public humiliation and stemmed the tide of people towards the exit. I think he played 'Wordy Rappinghood', then the rest of the night was a blurrrrrrr

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