Friday, November 25, 2005

KOSMISCHE CANCELLED - due to 'building work' apparently - let's just hope that vice magazine aren't refurbishing the place.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


this saturday!

the old blue last (38 gt eastern street, ec2, 8pm - 12, free)

leo avanti + jim backhaus playing krautrock and ndw records and some other stuff too.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Thursday 24 NOVEMBER:

Stewart Home & Nigel Ayers on Resonance FM

Tainted Love: The Art Rock Oedipal Folk Beat Mod Radio Show

Resonance FM 7pm to 8pm, (GMT) 104.4 FM in the London area Live Web Stream from:

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

pod casts


in an instant you can now listen to live sessions from:

DJ Scotch Egg, OMMM, Asja Auf Capri, Oddfellows Casino, Romvelope, Germlin, Kutchi, Raagnagrok, The Man From Uranus, Carter Tutti, Silverlink, Ove Naxx, Robotobibok, Miss Hawaii vs Cow'p vs Deseptagon.

and all for free, thanks to the benevolent charity of itunes[TM]


22nd NOVEMBER 2005:


at 93 feet east, next tuesday. info and tickets at www.kosmische.org

i'm just piling some records together for the show tonight on resonance (10.30 - 11.30 pm) for the second week running because the mink pelican is poorly (nothing life threatening)
advance warning too for the next old blue last KOSMISCHE shindig, happening on the 27th (38 gt eastern street, ec2, 8pm, free). djs are going to be kosmische godfather LEO AVANTI, visiting from his new home in the frozen wastes of norway, and also myself, dj jim backhaus. maybe some other guests too.
then from december 2nd-4th kosmische djs are playing at a** t*m*rr*w's p**ties, which should be interesting. i hear camber sands is delightful in december.

...i dug it out; maybe it's a bit less exciting than my frothing at the mouth might have implied, but it's still an interesting bit of clunky dystopian almosthouse (track 2 on the b-side 'is this house?' is the one to go for)

i think with 'countdown' i must've hallucinated an entirely non-existent piece of music.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

SWEET EXORCIST - TestOne (the video)

remember seeing a tantalising 2 second glimpse of that video on the chart show on itv one saturday morning then rushing to our price to buy it!

the video was directed by jarvis cocker when he was doing his spell at art college.

one of the best tracks pulp ever did was a collaboration with winston and parrott (sweet exorcist / forgemasters) called 'this house is condemned' which came out on the b-side of the 'my legendary girlfriend' single around 1989/90. it's a really eerie bleep and bass track, the rhythm composed of tiny fragmentary clicks and creaks, with tiny vocal echoes emerging from this deep dubbed-out proto-click-house fog. around that time, probably up until 'sheffield sex city' pulp still seemed to have a sense of futurism, albeit one tempered by sardonic indie detatchment.

their music and the early warp bleep / yorkshire dub sound seemed to have some unlikely congruence, perhaps because they seemed to have a very localised aesthetic in common (or at least so it seemed from my distant home counties vantage point from which the post-industrial north sounded, from these alien and peculiar emissions, so terribly exotic.)

the other single they released around that time, 'countdown', sounded like an incongruous combination of early factory records long-coated existential angst and bobby orlando: a sort of peculiar disco-realism akin to watching an episode of 'the hitman and her', the hallucinogenic strobes and disco fog dispersed by the unforgiving high-definition of the studio lights.

pulp at that time seemed to have more in common with the 'post-punk' sense of experimentation and modernism than anything from the contemporaneous 'indie-dance' scene (which was almost as slavishly retro-fixated as the culutral abortion that was britpop). and i don't think that exploratory sense was ever entirely absent from them. even at the nadir of britpop they never suffered from the crushingly boorish literalism which made the whole sorry spectacle so baleful and regressive: at the very least they'd get visnadi or stock hausen and walkman in to do some gloriously synthetic remixes.

if their post-britpop crisis album 'this is hardcore' was a return to form then i missed out because i'll admit i'd lost interest by then.

anyway, i must dig out the 'my legendary girlfriend' 12" and listen to the b-side to see if it lives up to memory.

Monday, November 07, 2005


roll up! roll up!

the lost years ofEURO DANCE: 1984-1987

mixed by dj jim

Miko Mission - How Old Are You?
Koto - Jabdah
LaserDance - Humanoid Invasion
Fake - Frogs In Spain
Moses - We Just
Scotch - Penguins Invasion
Fancy - Chinese Eyes
Ken Laszlo - Hey Hey Guy
Max Him - Japanese Girl
O'Gar - Playback Fantasy
Cyber People - Dr Faustus
Koto - Visitors
Rygar - Startracks
Scotch - Money Runner
Mike Mareen - Love Spy
Droid - Hipnosis
Grant Miller - Colder Than Ice
Albert One - Turbo Diesel
Savage - Don't Cry Tonight

jim [at] lumin.org

available in exchange for interesting things.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

just picked this up yesterday:

DOMINIQUE ANDRE 'EVASION' (musical touch sound MTS 1007)

this is a really obscure one, this: spooky moog fx, psych-folk guitar, seagulls + thunderstorms, wonky detuned piano, quasi-exotic percussive interludes and fuzz-noise, with mad jump-cuts and splices and totally out-of-place volume changes. dada new age, maybe? completely insane record, and I can't quite believe something this completely nuts would be released as a music library record at all.

is there anyone out there at all who can tell me anything about this record / the artist??

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

download an mp3 of they came from the stars i saw them - authentatistic (astralbunny remix):


for 7 days only!

or even better, get a copy of the whole cd from:



Well - the OBL gig was fun, if a bit quiet. My DJ set of SS marching songs, John Cougar Mellancamp B-sides and Skrewdriver covers by 12 year old Nazi folklings went down a treat with the Vice magazine crowd.


Going to be on Radio One this Sunday night (1am) on a show about 'experimental music' pretending to know what I'm talking about. Just hope they don't use the bit of the interview where I career off into freeform Reynolds-ism: the 'ardcore continuum / scenius v genius / etc etc. *wince*.

Anyway - at least I got to choose some music for the show.

Eno's going to be on there, some bods from The Wire (of course) and no doubt many others way more articulate than I.


FAUST are in session on You Are Hear next Monday night.
Have finally received some copies of the fantastische THEY CAME FROM THE STARS I SAW THEM album 'The Idiot Machine' featuring my remix of 'Authentatistic'. Available now!

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