Monday, February 19, 2007

hello wandering blog reader.

this isn't so much an update as a pointer for those who still trouble themselves to look her in the vain hope that i might've posted more words of worldly wisdom. i've decided, probably somewhat unwisely, to decamp my blog onto my myspace page. i'm sure in six months time having a myspace will be an embarrasing anachronism (uh! those horrible layouts; the nasty banner adverts; the endless tedious self-advertising from third-rate fucking singer-songwriters aspiring to be the next james morrison! fuck off!) but that's the decision i've made and i'm sticking to it, shame and ignominy be damned.

anyway, so for the time being any further blog words, self promoting bluster, reviews and general inane commentary on whatever subject tickles my faddish and shallow palate today can be found H E R E (in the blog section).

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